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Congratulations!  Not many existing riders believe they have anything to learn after they have mastered the basics of motorcycling.  That you have stopped by here to see just what else you may learn, says a lot about you as a motorcyclist.
Mid Tenn Motorcycle offers several classes that can greatly improve your riding skills and decrease the likely hood of you ever having an accident.  Not only are these classes continuing education they are fun!  Take a look at some of your options below:
Experienced Rider Course (6 hour class) $105
Motorcycle safety reports indicate that 75% of motorcycle crashes involve "experienced" riders. To address the need for training of experienced riders, Mid Tenn offers the Experienced Rider Course (ERC). The ERC is designed for the experienced rider who has been riding for at least six months and wants to learn more about reducing the risk of riding in traffic and then practice what they have learned on their motorcycle. The program consists of a 1/2 day 5 hour session of training and practice on your motorcycle in a parking lot under the watchful and helpful eye of a trained instructor. If you ride with a passenger, your passenger may also enroll in the course for an additional $29.99.
•We recommend that you have a valid driver's license.  
•Successful completion of this course will waive the written and driving motorcycle tests at the TN DMV.
•You will need to bring to class proof of insurance and current registration for your motorcycle.
•You must provide your own street-legal and safe motorcycle. (All types of motorcycles permitted.)
•You should be old enough to legally operate a motor vehicle.
If you are under the age of 18, one of your parents or a legal guardian MUST be present with you on Saturday morning to sign the course waiver with you. If a parent or legal guardian is not with you Saturday morning, you cannot participate.
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